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About Our Dental Office

Located in Rising Sun, MD, the dental office of Shawn C. Brennan, D.D.S. believes in providing dentistry in a calming atmosphere with a friendly and caring staff. We aim to perform all services and procedures with exceptionalism.

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We do what the patient desires — always their best interest in mind. Contact the office of Shawn C. Brennan, D.D.S. today.

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Meet Shawn C. Brennan, D.D.S. & His Team

At the office of Shawn C. Brennan D.D.S., our experienced team is committed to providing you with quality care in a courteous manner and a friendly environment. Dr. Brennan has over 40 years of experience in general dentistry. His long-term staff of caring professionals has the knowledge and experience to provide you with exceptional dental care, visit after visit. We’re committed to continuing dental education, staying current with diagnosis, materials, and methodology.

What To Expect During Your First Visit

When you come in for your visit to the office of Shawn C. Brennan D.D.S., you can expect a thorough examination and status report on your oral and dental conditions. Some of the services you will receive on your first visit include:

  • Full mouth dental and periodontal examination
  • An x-ray survey to help us assess your condition
  • Cleaning, depending on your periodontal health
  • Oral cancer screening

Shawn C. Brennan, D.D.S. has served the Rising Sun community for 40+ years! Call today to schedule an appointment.

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