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Welcome To Our Dental Office in Rising Sun, MD!

Dr. Shawn C. Brennan and his caring staff have provided quality dental care for the Rising Sun, MD, community, and the surrounding area for over 40 years.

Making you feel comfortable is an integral part of a positive dentist visit experience and what you can expect from our friendly and competent staff. Our wide range of treatments and procedures include preventative dental care, implant restorations, tooth whitening, prompt emergency visits, and more.

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We do what the patient desires — always their best interest in mind. Contact the office of Shawn C. Brennan, D.D.S. today.

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We pride ourselves on open communication with our patients. We want to know your thoughts, concerns, and fears when it comes to dentistry. Together, we’ll overcome those fears and give you a beautiful, healthy smile for years to come.

We accept all major insurance carriers, but for patients without insurance, we invite you to join our Rising Sun Smile Club, which offers discounts of 10% on all dental services

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Shawn C. Brennan, D.D.S. has served the Rising Sun community for 40+ years! Call today to schedule an appointment.

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